Love Balmex! My children have all had sensitive skin and Balmex is the ONLY diaper rash cream that has worked for them. Love this product and I don't mind buying multiples since it also makes great baby shower gifts!
We've been using Balmex for our baby girl since she was born (Almost 6 months ago) This cream is magical. The rash won't last even a day. We got it recommend it by our doctor and now I totally recommend it”
My husband & I LOVE using Balmex at every diaper change! Our daughter had a horrible diaper rash when she first came home from the hospital. Not only was it red and swollen, but chafed and raw. We kept her out of diapers as much as we could, kept the area dry... and used the petrolatum tube she came home with. But it wasn't healing. My husband did some research, found that petrolatum is not the best ingredient out there...and bought the Balmex which is petrolatum FREE. Within a day, you could see the site was healing. We were so relieved, and so was she! We have used other products given to us, such as Desitin and Desitin Extra Strength. Burt's Bees Diaper/talc cream, Dr. Smiths, Triple Paste, etc. Balmex is the best and by far our favorite. Its easy to spread, great scent & it WORKS! The other brands are good and we find best used to keep diaper rash from happening; as a true barrier cream. But Balmex calmed the rawness, redness and chafing. Went to work instantly. You can't change our minds, we will continue to buy this as long as she is in diapers!
I have gone through nearly every diaper rash you can name for my newborn when she had a yeast infection. (Dr prescribed a rx but pharmacist also told me he swears by Balmex! So I finally tried it and redness was gone over night! It's the only cream I'll ever buy!
My personal favorite is Balmex because it is not greasy and doesn’t leave a strong smell
-Dr. Sears